Gucci Fragrances

Gucci Gucci2Gucci3Gucci4 Gucci5 Gucci6 Gucci7GUIDELINES    I    PRINT ADVERTISING     I    OOH ADVERTISING    I    POS    I    COUNTER AND SHOWCARDS    I    2D AND 3D ARTWORK    I    PACKAGING

As with Dolce and Gabbana, I was also Brand Guardian for Gucci Fragrances in my role at TAG Worldwide. This involved working with the Fashion House to produce brand guidelines for each campaign and, once approved, were followed by the TAG production team to build the artwork for the media that was ordered on that particular campaign – whether it be billboards, counter or showcards, assorted magazine advertisements, window displays or packaging sleeves. The production team were able to call on me if there were any queries about how the artwork should look.

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